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Dean Day!

The real estate market is moving so quickly. I’ve spent the week going from one house to another, meeting this buyer here, that buyer there, then rushing to write offers to meet the deadlines. Inventory is so low that homes are getting multiple offers and being placed under contract in hours, if we are lucky it can take a couple days.

Since it has been a bit since I have taken an entire day off I have declared today as “Dean Day”. We need a day together to do fun things, and without me doing work. Early this morning went for a great walk and enjoyed talking and wandering along Lake Hickory. Then we had brunch at home, and he is now taking a little nap. I thought I’d write a blog post about the underlying struggle I’m having. This being “Dean Day” I thought I’d be a big shot and said I would turn off my ringer, not check my email, and not even send a text message. What was I thinking? I feel like I want to check my work email, but I won’t… maybe. I feel like I want to check my text messages, but I won’t… maybe just a peek. No. It is so difficult to leave my phone alone. Am I addicted? Do I suffer from FOMO?

I am going to be tough and not touch my phone. I will not check my texts or emails, and I’m going to keep my ringer turned off. Let’s see how this goes today, well at least for the next few hours. Yes, that could be the answer! I won’t go electronic cold turkey, I’ll ease into it. You know, taper off a bit. So, after dinner and dishes I’ll peek? Good grief.

Have any of you figured out how to put your phone away and not think about it for an entire day? If so, please share.

3 thoughts on “Dean Day!”

  1. If I schedule some activities for the day, I’ve pulled it off a few times. Reading, workouts, cooking, going outdoors

  2. How I hope I could do that. But every information and announcements in our school is messaged through text and messenger, even on weekends. 😊😄 Turning off my phone would be a peaceful day.

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