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Tips for Redesigning Your Patio Space

Sometimes, we spend so much time focusing on interior design that we forget about the outdoor spaces of our homes. Many people with patios neglect that space, which means they’re missing out on beautiful outdoor retreats. If your patio décor is lacking, there are countless ways to add some flair to it.

Pillows and rugs

Get floor pillows that you and your guests can use to sit on the ground for more relaxed occasions. You can also cover the ground with an outdoor rug that will bring a little warmth into the space.

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Benefits of a 55 Plus Community

As we age it can become difficult to manage an entire household—especially one with a lot of yard space or multiple floors. In some cases, it makes sense to consider an active adult community, which is not necessarily the same as senior living.

Most active adult communities require residents to be 55 years of age or older. They offer a whole host of benefits that make them appealing to aging individuals interested in maintaining a sense of community while pairing down some of the difficulties and stresses of home ownership.

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Making Home Ownership More Affordable

With record-high home prices in neighborhoods all over the country, some homebuyers have become frustrated as they watch their buying power erode month by month. The good news is that by reorienting yourself and shifting your focus, you may still be able to find a home you’ll love at a price you can manage. Check out these strategies for making homeownership more affordable, even in today’s hot real estate market.

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