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What Paint Is Right For You?

Choosing the right paint color isn’t the only consideration when doing your latest paint project. You also need to think about the type of paint, as well as what finish is right for your room.

I am a big fan of paint samples. No matter if I use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Home Depot, or Lowes they all offer test pots of paint in all varieties of finishes. I think the most I have paid for a test pot is around $7 US. This is a small investment to make sure I don’t make a more costly mistake.

I used to apply a couple of coats of the test paint directly to the wall, but learned that putting it on a poster board makes it easier to see how it will dry, look, and I can move it around the room to see how it looks throughout the day and evening.

The two types of paint are water based and oil based. I don’t mess with oil based paint because of the smell, clean up, drying time, and the overall application is much more difficult. If I were to hire a paint crew I might be tempted to have them use an oil based paint in the laundry room or bathroom, simply because it is a great for humidity and moisture.

Now the color is chosen, the type is picked, so what finish is best? Matte, Eggshell, Satin, or Semi-Gloss. Just as I am a fan of water based paints, I love a matte finish.

Matte: It is easy on the eye with the smooth appearance. I believe it allows for better saturation of natural light during the day, and is relaxing at night. It can be more difficult to clean, so having paint in a touch up bottle is necessary.

Eggshell: Has a bit of sheen that makes it more reflective. It is easy to clean, this makes it great for high traffic areas. Satin & Eggshell are relatively close, with Satin being a touch shinier. My office is a smaller space and I used an Eggshell finish because it lacks natural light, and needed something a bit extra to bring the space to life.

Semi-Gloss: This type is what I like to use on finishes. The issue with Semi-Gloss is it is highly reflective, so using it in a large space can be overwhelming. This is why I like to use it for doors, baseboards, window trim, and other types of trim.

Paint color, type, and finish are personal choices. Choose what is aesthetically pleasing to your eye and makes you love how the room looks and feels. You can also mix the finishes with an accent wall, stripe, or other decorative way. Explore your options and most of all have fun, because it’s just paint.


Could it Be the Perfect Primer & Color Correct in One?

sgI’m always on the lookout for the latest greatest thing in makeup. I came across Christian Dior’s Fix It 2-in-1 Prime & Color Correct sticks a while back, but had a primer color combo I wanted to finish.

I now have the Dior green primer concealer, a necessary color to neutralize the bit of red on my chin and forehead. A week into using this product, I’m impressed. It’s smooth, goes on easily, and doesn’t cake. It blends easily with the Dior Fluid Foundation Brush, number 11.

What color will work best for you? Here is some info on all the combo options:

• Blue: This lilac-blue evens out  yellow toned  skin for an enhanced glow. Dabbed on the light catching areas, the forehead and the tips of the cheeks, it gives an instantly fresh and rested look.

• Apricot: perfect for deep or tanned olive complexions designed to tone down dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and dark circles.

• Yellow: corrects dark spots and under-eye circles for lighter skin tones and neutralizes lips that have a blue hue, bringing out the true color of your lipstick.

• Green: the anti-redness ally that tones down flushed areas of the complexion.

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What Color Should Your Front Door Be?

doorLately, I’m all about quizzes.

Think you’re hip enough for orange? Or optimistic enough for yellow? Take our front-door personality quiz and find out. Your front door is the perfect place to express yourself with color. But which color truly reflects you? This handy quiz is here to help.

Here are my results:  Your front door color should be … Yellow!

Yellow: You’re contemplative and peaceful. You like to make statements, but in a guided, subtle way rather than being in-your-face. You’re intelligent and insightful. And no matter what happens, you’re always able to see the bright side of things. Your door should be yellow.