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Amazon Find: Koroda Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

I’ve never been a fan of a countertop dish rack, they take up prime counter space and never look neat. However, having a dish drying rack would be really convenient, especially for a quick wash up in the morning. I always have my juice glass, and Dean has his Bialetti moka pot and cup. Having a place to put them would be great, without having to dry them and put them away.

One day I was browsing Instagram and saw this drying rack. Could it be the answer to my drying rack woes? I went on Amazon and read through the reviews, looked at the pictures, and thought for $25.00 US, Prime free shipping, and free returns, I had nothing to lose!

It arrived the first week of January, and we’ve been using it since. It is great because it takes up very little space, is easy clean, and is small enough that it doesn’t allow for clutter.

Lora’s Amazon Find Score: 5/5

Amazon Finds

Amazon Find: Amazon Smart Plug

Earlier this month I was shopping on Amazon, and at the top of the page there was an ad for the Amazon Smart Plug, it was on special for .99 cents with a promo code. I had thought about getting one of these plugs, but never wanted to spend $24.99. I clicked the ad and put the plug in my cart, I immediately went to check out, because this had to be too good to be true. I typed in the promo code and when I hit enter the price dropped to .99 cents! I checked out and knew Prime would have it to my door in 2 days.

I knew exactly where the plug was going to be used in our home. We have a floor lamp in the corner of the living room and being able to control it verbally would be awesome. I put the Amazon Smart Plug in the outlet, and opened the Alexa app on my phone. It was easy to find the plug, install the plug on our network, and once the lamp was plugged in all I had to say was, “Alexa, turn on first plug”. Voila, let there be light! Say the phrase again, and out goes the light. Amazing!

This is a great product, and I know we will get another one for the master bedroom. If I see it go on special again I’ll be sure to post it.

Lora’s Amazon Find Score: 5/5

Amazon Finds

Amazon Find: The Neat Egg

Recently my husband, Dean, did a food sensitivity test and was surprised to learn he is highly sensitive to eggs. We tried to figure out what had been causing his terrible tummy aches, and did numerous eliminations to his diet. We thought it was lactose, perhaps gluten, maybe an ulcer. After having some tests done the doctors weren’t able to figure it out, so I ordered the food sensitivity test. Once we got the results back I started reading food labels, not for lactose or gluten, but this time for eggs.

We removed eggs completely from his diet, and his tummy started feeling better. However, removing eggs also left several recipes he could no longer eat. This lead me back to doing research about egg substitutes.

For scrambled eggs we use JUST Egg, their motto is “made from plants, not chickens”. They’re pretty good, and luckily our local grocery carries them. I can also use them in numerous dishes, but at $5 US for 12 ounces that equals eight servings, I wanted to find something a bit more economical for recipes.

Enter The Neat Egg. One package is around $3.50 US and is equivalent to eighteen eggs. That is great a savings, and they are a perfect alternative to using eggs as a binder in recipes. I think next time I will get Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer just to do more of a comparison, because I love their products.

Lora’s Amazon Find Score: 4/5