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Amazon Find: Electric Kettle

I’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals series, and he always uses an electric kettle to shortcut bringing water to a boil.

I kept thinking, “ohhhh I need one of those”, but could never make out what brand he was using. I even Googled it, and no one knew.

Enter Amazon.

I did a search and started reading reviews. After a bit I settled on the HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle. Since it is Prime how could I not order it? If I didn’t like it I could simply send it back.

We’ve used it for over a month and the kettle has surpassed my expectations. It has multiple settings so the water is always the right temperature for any kind of tea we want. We also use the kettle to make boiling water (in 5 minutes) for a pasta pot, rice, hot cereals and more. Plus it lights up in that pretty blue.

Lora’s Amazon Find Grade: 5 / 5

Amazon Finds

Those Hot Summer Days

phone fansCrystal, our office compliance director, always has fun gadgets. Recently I noticed she had a miniature fan connected to her phone that was rapidly whirring and cooling the area.

Immediately, I knew I needed this genius invention to get me through the hot summer days. It can get pretty warm showing property in 90 degree temperatures and matching humidity.

It also occurred to me these little fans would be great to share with clients in need of heat relief. I found fans that work with iPhone, iPad, or Android on Amazon and ordered several packs. Everyone I have given one to has loved them!