Amazon Finds

Amazon Find: Amazon Smart Plug

Earlier this month I was shopping on Amazon, and at the top of the page there was an ad for the Amazon Smart Plug, it was on special for .99 cents with a promo code. I had thought about getting one of these plugs, but never wanted to spend $24.99. I clicked the ad and put the plug in my cart, I immediately went to check out, because this had to be too good to be true. I typed in the promo code and when I hit enter the price dropped to .99 cents! I checked out and knew Prime would have it to my door in 2 days.

I knew exactly where the plug was going to be used in our home. We have a floor lamp in the corner of the living room and being able to control it verbally would be awesome. I put the Amazon Smart Plug in the outlet, and opened the Alexa app on my phone. It was easy to find the plug, install the plug on our network, and once the lamp was plugged in all I had to say was, “Alexa, turn on first plug”. Voila, let there be light! Say the phrase again, and out goes the light. Amazing!

This is a great product, and I know we will get another one for the master bedroom. If I see it go on special again I’ll be sure to post it.

Lora’s Amazon Find Score: 5/5

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