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Spring Fever Is Here

There is something about the first warm days in March that make me so happy. The bright sunshine, the cloudless Carolina blue sky, the warmth of the day making me forget the cold shivering of just a few weeks ago. Yes, I have caught spring fever!

The other day a few of us, from my office, made plans to meet in downtown Hickory. Tiffany and Brittany have also caught spring fever, and it was a perfect day to be outside. The place for us to meet and enjoy an afternoon would be under the sails on The Square.

I finished my real estate appointment early and arrived at The Square a bit before 2 PM. I was able to find a great table where the wonderful warm sun was peaking under the sails. I had my sunglasses, a magazine, and a bottle of water, and put my phone away. Quiet time in the afternoon is rare, and I was taking full advantage. I was just about finished with my mag when Brittany arrived, she too had just finished an appointment and brought her shrimp spinach salad to enjoy in the sunshine. We visited for a bit before Tiffany arrived, because her appointment ran long. Once she got there it was time for a bottle of white from the Hickory Wine Shoppe (on the square, they give wrist bands and serve at the table).

We sat there together in the warm sunshine laughing and talking, and before we knew it a couple hours had ticked away. It was time for us to go our separate ways and get back to our daily tasks of making dinner, doing paperwork, and getting ready for the next day.

Later I told them how great it was to get together, and how much I truly needed that time. There is something great about being around people who are positive, thoughtful, laugh easily, and share openly. Thanks Tiffany & Brittany for a great spring fever afternoon.

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