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Customer Service, Where Are You?

Today I received a notification from my credit card that a charge for my car satellite radio subscription was made. This payment is to renew my yearly subscription so I can listen to all the tunes I love without endless commercials. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw the amount, and know it has to be an error so I tried to contact the company. Their phone system alerted me they are not available on the weekend.

I thought it strange I hadn’t received a paper bill in the mail, no email to alert me the account was coming up for renewal, and nothing to tell me the amount had been increased. I was going through the site and saw a chat option, and thought that could be the key to get some answers.

Then I noticed our accounts, Dean and mine, were no longer linked. What? How is this possible? I tried and tried to access the other account, entering the Radio ID, the VIN, more and more information and each time told no.

I ended up clicking the chat button, I explained the situation about the accounts and the faceless voiceless customer service representative typed that they could resolve my issues. I then explained that Dean wanted to cancel the service in his car, and I would like to understand why mine had gotten so expensive. The representative immediately said how they would cut the price of the subscriptions in both vehicles, and I explained again that we were cancelling Dean’s service. I went on to say that I would welcome a discount on my account. On and on the representative typed, and again I said no thank you, please cancel Dean’s service and apply the discount to mine.

This went on a few moments more, and finally I had to type “Please Stop”. I again explained I simply wanted to cancel one membership, understand the billing of the other and be on with the day. The representative wasn’t hearing me, and I had to type that I didn’t want the representative to do anything to the accounts, that I will call customer service tomorrow.

It really did make me feel bad, because I know their job has to be difficult. Dealing with the public, taking care of account issues, trying to make everyone happy including the company who has them pushing services. I know the customer isn’t always right, but we should still be heard.

Customer service isn’t what it used to be.

3 thoughts on “Customer Service, Where Are You?”

  1. It sure did seem it could be a scam, but I spoke with the service provider this morning and it was the charge for the renewal of service. It went up to a crazy amount, and as much as I love satellite radio it just isn’t worth that much money. I have cancelled Dean’s service and they cut my rate from $342 US for the year to $107, and refunded me the rest of the money. Life was more simple when we didn’t have so much technology 😉

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