Daily Happenings

My Disorganized Organization

disorganizeI’m a bit of an organization guru. I like things tidy, I like things in their place, I like to make sure all the necessary information is noted correctly on the proper page. I have been this way for as long as I can remember.

Recently, I had a phone call and jotted a few notes on a post-it. I was busy so didn’t transfer the information. I put the post-it in my notebook with all the intentions of doing it later. Then another call, which resulted in another post-it. The days got busy and I was keeping my deal files up to date, but in the evening, when I usually update new, old, and current client information, I simply kept the post-its. This continued for about a week, and now I’m blogging about the post-it madness instead of transferring the information to the locations that are waiting to be updated.

With all this disorganization what is one more night of procrastination? There is always tomorrow to get it done and to get rid of the blank post-it notes so I don’t add more. Perhaps this really isn’t my fault. Maybe, just maybe, I can blame this mess on the person who gave me the post-it notes? Hmm, he’s sitting with me on the sofa. Nay, as much as I’d like to pass the post-it blame, it’s on me.

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