Dear Mother-in-Law

Ariel-the-little-mermaid-6538231-236-297Have you ever wondered why so many of the mothers in Disney movies are dead? Arial had a Dad, sure he was a King, but he had no Queen. I wonder if Prince Eric would have been so crazy about his little mermaid had there been a Queen Triton? Then there is Jasmine, another princess, whose Queen mother was a member of the dearly departed club. Would Aladdin (also without a mother) have taken Jasmine on that magic carpet ride had her Mother wanted to tag along?

I’m no Disney princess, but I have to wonder what do the animator story tellers know about mother-in-laws that I don’t? Perhaps it is because mother-in-laws get a bad rap. Maybe it is just the simple fact that in the middle of these animated love stories a mother-in-law just isn’t romantic.

I have to agree because my mother-in-law, of over twenty-five years, is many things, but one of them is definitely not romantic. I have seen this little woman bring a room of happy joyful people and turn into a dreadful, sighing, eye rolling, head shaking situation where people are seeking the nearest escape route.

OK, so you get it. I have some mother-in-law issues. My latest issue is she sent me a gift. What? A gift? How ungrateful I must be to complain about a mother-in-law who gives presents.jasmine

The gift she sent me is four large containers of organic granola. I love organic and  I like granola, but this otherwise healthy snack has tree nuts. Why should I complain? I’m allergic to tree nuts! This fact is well known by family, friends, co-workers, and I’m sure general acquaintances.

This isn’t even the first time she has made this “error”. It isn’t even the second or third. She will be reminded of my allergy and will (like always) pretend to have forgotten. Then I will give the granola to friends to enjoy.

Maybe Disney doesn’t just find mother-in-laws unromantic, but they also know that the princesses shouldn’t go into anaphylaxis because that would ruin the happily ever after. Perhaps Disney can write my mother-in-law a note.

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