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A Snowy Sunday Morning

We don’t get a lot of snow here at the bottom of the mountains, so I get excited when a snow weather alert comes on my phone. It wasn’t snowing when we went to sleep, but I woke up around 1:30 AM and peeked out the window and it was falling. I made sure to wake up early, so I could enjoy some quiet time on a snowy Sunday morning.

It was just light when I raised the blinds to the balcony, made a cup of hot chocolate, grabbed a warm soft throw, and cozied up on the sofa. I looked outside a bit, then decided to watch an old movie. There is something about old movies that makes my heart happy. This morning I picked the romantic comedy “Send Me No Flowers” with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.

Dean got up just as the movie was ending, and the day started. It’s now 1 PM, and the snow has melted off the trees, the roads are clear, and the only proof there was snow remains in the shadows. I’m so glad we had one morning of snow this winter, of course I’d love to have more, but this one was good for my soul.

4 thoughts on “A Snowy Sunday Morning”

  1. Despite having a yellow alert for heavy snow I woke up to blue skies and sunshine this morning. It is cold, 3 degrees only (and I know this will seem warm to some folk) but that’s cold enough for me.

    1. It is blue and sunny skies here today too, and the temperature is 48 degrees F. It has warmed up and all the snow is gone. 3 degrees C is still in the 30s and that is brrrr 🙂

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