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Amazon Find: Panasonic Cordless Iron

When the lockdown started, in March, it took Dean a couple of weeks to get used to his new schedule. Not being able to teach, go to the gym, or even hangout with his friends at the coffee bus, he decided to venture into a new area.

Since masks were hard to find he went online and started watching sewing videos. He then headed to the local sewing store where he bought a machine, some fabric, thread, and everything else he needed to make his first mask. He began with a simple pleated mask, but soon decided to take the design further. You see, Dean is really great at mathematics, engineering, and design and is always wanting to improve things. He went through various design changes to make the masks more comfortable, easier to breathe and talk in, and created templates for custom sizes.

Then after using the masks for a bit he decided something in the design was missing. He would get in the car, remove his mask, and then forget to put it back on at the next stop. He got tired of going back to retrieve it, and that led to his detachable lanyard design. They are soft, pliable, and are machine washable like the masks. I really like that the lanyard matches the mask.

The one thing he disliked when making the lanyards was our iron. When he made the lanyard bias tape it was difficult to iron, because the cord kept getting in the way. He got online and soon learned about cordless irons. He decided on this Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless Steam/Dry Iron from Amazon, and has been using it since October. He really likes it, and says the only drawback is it doesn’t stay hot for a very long time. It has to be put back in the cradle for a minute to continue. Otherwise, he likes the weight of the iron, ease of use, and overall design.

Dean’s multi-layer masks are great. I find them comfortable to wear, breathe in, and I can talk in them with ease. I’m really proud of him, and that he has given away countless masks and lanyards to local charities, family, friends, and acquaintances.

Dean’s Amazon find score: 4/5

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