Family, Holidays

That Holiday Spirit

This year it will be a Christmas for two, Dean & I. Before Thanksgiving we decided we wouldn’t put up the big holiday tree. It is a lot of work, and we weren’t feeling the Christmas spirit. Then one evening, shortly after Thanksgiving, we were talking and I mentioned I miss having a tree and feel like it would make my heart so happy. He agreed with a nod, and we moved on to other topics.

The next morning I got up and went to work, and when I got home that evening our front door area was decorated. There was a new wreath, new holiday mat, lots of lights, garland, and glittery things. I was wowed! I unlocked the door, amazed at all the holiday fun, and was greeted by the sweetest 5′ tree. Next to it were the holiday bins filled with my favorite ornaments, and more glittery things. He had also gotten a smaller star and tree skirt for our little tree.

I was so surprised and touched that this man spent his day doing all of this just to see me smile and to make my heart happy. We spent the evening decorating the tree, listening to Christmas music, and enjoying the spirit of the season.

Each night our little tree, patio and entry are lit up, and so too is my heart. Dean really has given me what I needed this holiday season. We will miss family & friends, but our Christmas for two is beyond wonderful in so many ways.

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