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Amazon Find: Bag Cinchers

Technology has created so many wonderful things, but the tie on a loaf of bread has been the same for as long as I can remember. When the fresh loaf is being opened the tie isn’t hard to manipulate, but use after use it becomes more difficult. Let alone when someone, not naming any names – Dean, turns it the wrong direction and I end up twisting it this way and that just to get it to open. Let’s be honest here, who has removed the tie, set it on the counter for a moment, and it disappears? Perhaps it slid under the toaster, or fell to the floor, is it possible there is a bread tie fairy playing games at 7 AM. ?

During quarantine I began organizing our home, I’ll tell more about that later. I was on Amazon searching for ways to organize bread, pita, tortillas, and other carb filled delights, and I came across these: OXO Good Grips Bag Cinch. They come in a pack of three, in cute bright colors. For the price of $5.99 I had to try them.

They are so great! I now have 2 sets, total of 6, of these easy to use bag cinchers and not a lost bread tie in the house. They are also useful for small packs of crackers, bags of rice, and even the bag of cotton balls in the bathroom closet.

Lora’s Amazon Find Grade: 5 / 5

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