Real Estate

A Pickle of a Week

I never like sounding like a negative Nellie, BUT, (that word says here it comes) wow last week was a pickle.

I didn’t expect it to go quite like it did, but I never plan for days to be filled with one situation after another. I was strategizing movements, moving from this to that, thinking ahead of what had to be done to avoid a block, countless moves, and staying focused. I could be a chess champion, not like a grandmaster and OK perhaps not even chess, but for sure a checker champ of my block. I did hours upon hours of repetitive paperwork, had to reschedule most all of my appointments, spent time tracking things down through endless channels of remote workers, juggled to get everyone on the same page, tried to keep everyone (including myself) upbeat, and finally reached the point of success!

OK, so perhaps I’m not so negative, just tired.

So, what happened? Let me tell you!

My client, a wonderful young successful woman, was to close on her new family home in North Carolina on Thursday morning. We had worked hard to get things done with the attorney, the lender, utility companies, the seller and their agent. Then, as if the universe saw her reaching the finish line, it threw her into a tailspin. On Wednesday morning she let me know her husband left, he walked out on her and the children. Her voice didn’t tremble, her words were few, she didn’t even sigh. She simply said she wanted to go ahead and close on the house and what did we need to do to make this happen.

I gave a short laundry list of things to do just to start, and promised to keep her updated as we moved along. Then I jumped in feet first and started working on making her dream a reality. I spent the entirety of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday making phone calls and writing dozens of emails. We terminated the original deal, and I worked with the lawyers, the listing agent, her, the insurance company, and anyone else who happened to venture into my office. Then created an entire new deal for everyone to sign, bringing others up to speed, and getting signatures from far reaching places. Toss in Tropical Storm Zeta, on Thursday, and the loss of electricity and the internet.

Through all the things that happened during those three days that kept telling us to give up, we didn’t! Then on Friday, a great moment happened, I knew it had all come together. However, nothing will ever compare to when she was handed the key to her new home, and her heartfelt “thank you”, meant everything to me. I can’t imagine what she is feeling inside, overwhelmed I’m sure, but her face didn’t show it one time. I let her know once again I am here if she needs anything, and she said, “I’m OK.”

Now it is Sunday and the storm is long gone, and the sun is high in the Carolina blue sky. She and her children are spending the day unpacking. They are in their new home and figuring out what life in Hickory will hold for them through all these changes.

I’m happy to say that what was a pickle of a week, ended with me being grateful to everyone who stepped up to help get things back on track so she got closed. This pickle is one less thing she has on her plate.

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