Real Estate

Top 5 Needs Buyers Have

In today’s real estate market homes come up for sale, and receive multiple offers within a day. This is because of historically low interest rates, and demand is high and inventory is low. I think quarantine made people realize they just don’t like their home space anymore, and want something new. Me included!

COVID changed how people work, and many moved from their brick and mortar offices to their home dining rooms. Not only did the pandemic affect the home owners, but also school age kids. Bedrooms became virtual classrooms, and anywhere others weren’t became a sanctuary of quiet.

Other home needs have also changed. Instead of eating out, folks are cooking at home. Along with that came working out at home, swimming at home, entertaining at home and more. So, what are the top five things buyers are looking for?

  1. Outdoor spaces – including pools, gardens, kitchens, firepits, and game areas (think horseshoes, bocce ball, dance offs).
  2. Home offices – a place to work behind doors. No one wants to hear your Zoom meeting or conference calls, and you don’t want to your boss to hear someone in your house shouting out for toilet paper.
  3. Home gyms – a place to workout without having to worry about social distancing or wearing a mask.
  4. Bonus Rooms or Basements – finished spaces that add square foot for reading, crafting, watching a movie and more.
  5. Storage – being home a lot makes it necessary to have storage for craft items, games, books and more.

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