Daily Happenings

… And Now It’s October

It has been months since I’ve posted, and it seems odd to be sitting here trying to think of all that has happened in 2020. Looking back the beginning of the year was fantastic, and then March arrived and changed our world.

There is no way for me to write my way through the ups and downs of this year, that will remain in my beside journal. I can say it has been a year like none I’ve ever known. There have been days where laughter was a bit easier, some working through struggles and tears, and others dealing with a broken heart by losing someone we love.

It has also been a year of people learning to share, communities became connected, helping others became common, and supporting local businesses owners became a movement.

Then in the midst of the pandemic a horrific murder took place, and a lot of the world cried out for George Floyd. Through protests in numerous countries people’s voices have been heard and names of other murdered innocent people have come to be known. The official #BlackLivesMatter Global Network was born to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe.

Through all this change it was also necessary to edit how I work. Being a real estate broker I learned to embrace Zoom meetings, virtual tours, face time walk throughs, and more. It has been difficult not to feel a bit out of touch with practicing social distancing. I love to hug, and I miss that. I love to share smiles, and learned how to share them behind a mask.

We, Dean and I, feel very blessed because we are safe, happy, and most of all healthy. I will wear my mask (that Dean designs more about that later), use hand sanitizer, and keep positive thoughts in my mind and heart. Welcome October.

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