“The After Party”

26150788When life was a bit slower I always had a book to read. Now life is more busy and I find time for reading to be rare. These days there are convenient ways to carry a library of books around on an e-reader or a tablet, however I don’t enjoy reading an electronic book. There is something about going to a bookstore or library and browsing through the shelves to find the perfect book. To hold the weight of the book and to feel the texture of the pages when turning, it is all part of the experience for me.

Recently I went to Barnes & Noble and on their “Previous Best Sellers” table I found a book by Anton DiSclafani titled “The After Party”. Anton wrote a story about a lifelong female friendship set in the 1950’s glamorous Houston social scene. The relationships are complicated, obsessive, consuming, and captured me from the first page to the last.

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