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How to Negotiate After the Home Inspection

There’s nothing as exciting as finding the perfect home. From the right number of bedrooms to a spacious yard, finding a house that satisfies your standards can have you eager to call it home sweet home.

However, excitement can turn to distress if the home inspection report turns up needed repairs. But don’t fret—you can negotiate. Use the information in this blog to better understand the process and prepare questions for your real estate agent.

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Real Estate

5 Smart Upgrades that Increase Your Home’s Appeal

From kitchen renovations to a new roof, there are several upgrades you can complete to help make your home more appealing to potential buyers. However, if you’re looking to give your home a technological improvement, smart home upgrades can be a brilliant option. While these upgrades can improve the livability of your space, they can also increase its appeal, as 81 percent of homebuyers said they would prefer to buy a home with some smart home products already installed. So consider adding a few of these enhancements to your home before listing it for sale.

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Amazon Finds

Amazon Find: Koroda Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

I’ve never been a fan of a countertop dish rack, they take up prime counter space and never look neat. However, having a dish drying rack would be really convenient, especially for a quick wash up in the morning. I always have my juice glass, and Dean has his Bialetti moka pot and cup. Having a place to put them would be great, without having to dry them and put them away.

One day I was browsing Instagram and saw this drying rack. Could it be the answer to my drying rack woes? I went on Amazon and read through the reviews, looked at the pictures, and thought for $25.00 US, Prime free shipping, and free returns, I had nothing to lose!

It arrived the first week of January, and we’ve been using it since. It is great because it takes up very little space, is easy clean, and is small enough that it doesn’t allow for clutter.

Lora’s Amazon Find Score: 5/5